When it comes to getting into your dream course, your chance to secure a spot doesn’t end when offers are released in December. Thanks to Change of Preference, there are six windows where you can adjust your VTAC preferences to maximise your chances of success.

Six offer rounds. Six opportunities to get more offers. There’s no additional cost, and you can change your preferences as many times as you like between each offer round. 

All it takes is the right strategy to get more for your ATAR – no matter what your Year 12 results may be.

Want the inside scoop on Change of Preference? Keep reading for the smart student's guide to getting more offers – and more options – with every offer round.

1. Ignore the ATAR

Fun fact: you could receive an offer for a course even if you didn’t achieve the Guaranteed Entry ATAR. While you’re sure to be offered a spot if your ATAR matches or is higher than this number, we still offer spots to students whose ATAR scores were a little lower. 

This is thanks to ATAR adjustment factors like subject bonuses or the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS). You can take a look at the lowest ATAR to receive an offer last year under the entry requirements on any course handbook webpage.

That’s why you should still add your dream course to your VTAC preference list when Change of Preference opens in July, even if you aren’t sure your ATAR will line up with the guaranteed score.

Shoot for the stars – you never know what might happen!

2. Come along to Change of Preference Expo

Once you’ve got your results and have given yourself a mental high-five for all your hard work, you’ll have a small window of opportunity to make sure your VTAC preferences are on-point in time for those offers to roll in. 

This is the perfect time to visit Swinburne’s Change of Preference Expo for advice on all the options available to you, as well as on-the-spot help to align your preferences with your goals.

Depending on how you did, you might be eligible for a double degree or Professional Degree. Maybe you want to look at different pathways to your dream course. Or perhaps you just want to double-check you’ve made the right call with the courses on your list. Whatever your situation might be, our course experts are here to help.

Come to Change of Preference Expo to chat with course experts and adjust your VTAC preferences on the spot.
You should still add your dream course to your VTAC preference list when Change of Preference opens in July, even if you aren’t sure your ATAR will line up with the guaranteed score.

3. Reassess and revise with every offer round

Remember how the six offer rounds represent six chances to maximise your ATAR for more and more offers? The key is to keep adjusting your preference list – even if you already have an offer in hand.

You can still adjust your preference list if you’ve already received an offer, or even if you’ve accepted an offer and enrolled in a course. The best offer for you might not come through until a later round. The only way to find out is to keep tweaking those preferences!

While you’re collecting those multiple offers over different VTAC offer rounds, be sure to note any acceptance deadlines for offers you’ve already received. You don't want to miss any key dates and lose your spot.

One-on-one VTAC help

Chat about your options in person, via video chat, or on the phone to get all the info you need on courses and to access one-on-one support with your VTAC preferences.

Book a 1:1

4. Keep your top spot open

Did you know that while you're technically considered for all eight courses on your list, VTAC will only give you one offer for each offer round? That offer’s going to be for the highest course on your list that you’re eligible for.

If you’ve already received an offer, swap that course out for a different course for the next offer rounds. Don’t worry, this won't affect the offer you’ve already received. But it does mean you could potentially receive a new offer for a different course – and increase your options.

Again, be sure to check the acceptance deadline for any offers you’ve received.

The top spot on your VTAC preference list is your best chance at leveraging more offers with every round.
The best offer for you might not come through until a later round. The only way to find out is to keep tweaking those preferences!

5. Apply for a supplementary offer

If you haven’t received any offers during the early offer rounds, you can give permission for VTAC to include you in the supplementary offers process. This means you will be assessed for entry into a broad range of courses that still have vacancies, even though those courses aren’t on your preference list.

Remember, there are many paths to your dream degree. That’s why it’s important to keep an open mind to any supplementary offers you might receive. You never know where your uni journey might take you!

Student Arlo in a steel factory as part Swinburne's work integrated learning program. 

Want more VTAC preference tips?

Our student advisors are standing by to help with all things VTAC – preferences, accepting offers, you name it. Book in for a one-on-one appointment and we’ll give you all the advice and guidance you need to create your very own Change of Preference gameplan. 

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