What are pathways?

Think of “pathways” as stairs in a building. Each qualification level is one flight of stairs and when you successfully complete it, you can either exit or move onto the next one until you get to the top.

Pathways let you move through the qualification levels to take you from a certificate or diploma to degree. Using a pathway program, you’ll get academic credit for your studies, which can take time off your degree.

University pathways at Swinburne include:

  • UniLink diplomas if you did not get into your preferred bachelor degree with your ATAR
  • MathsLink if you do not have the math requirements for your chosen course
  • Direct pathways from select Swinburne diplomas and advanced diplomas into a range of single, double and specialised degrees 
  • multiple options if you think you may complete Year 12 unscored.

What are my pathway options?

Let’s break it down so you can confidently choose a degree pathway that’s right for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Pathway programs are definitely part of Swinburne. In fact, you’ll be studying on the same campus, with access to the same facilities, services and events as your degree peers – making you a part of our Swinburne community.

We try to make pathway programs as accessible as possible so entry requirements may be less specific compared to traditional degree qualifications. Entry requirements are clearly listed on all our course webpages.

There are pathway options available in most study areas, however some degrees have more specialised entry requirements. You can check if there’s a pathway to your chosen course by using our pathway planner.

A UniLink diploma does not add any additional time (or cost) to your study plan. After your UniLink diploma, you’ll merge into the related bachelor degree, with academic credit of up to one year.

Yes. And for some people, it’s even better as you get more contact hours, smaller class sizes, and more one-on-one time with your teachers in your pathway course. You’ll also be studying with a mix of local, international and mature age students, giving you a true uni experience from day one.

Successful completion of a pathway guarantees you entry into a related Swinburne bachelor degree. Our handy pathway planner can help you figure that out ahead of time.

Our UniLink pathways are designed to provide a smooth and seamless connection from your diploma to a related bachelor degree.

Pathways are a great way to test the waters while you’re figuring out the right course or your future career. The class sizes are smaller so you get more support, there are more contact hours with teachers and the flexible intake allows you to schedule your study around your life. Plus, when you complete part of your pathway program you’ll have a qualification and be ready to work in industry sooner than your degree peers!

The great thing about completing a pathway program is that it’s shorter than a degree. So, if you’ve decided a degree is no longer your thing, or you’re ready to get out there and work in your chosen field, you can. You can always come back and study your degree at a later date or give other courses a go (remember to check how many credits you can get by using our credit calculator).

If you’ve completed a TAFE diploma or advanced diploma, you’re guaranteed entry into a relevant Swinburne bachelor degree or if you’ve completed other studies outside of Swinburne, you could receive credits towards a degree with us. Check out more pathways at Swinburne.

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