Robotics student Jagannatha enjoys giving back to Swinburne’s international students

In February 2020, Jagannatha travelled from India to Australia to pursue a Master of Professional Engineering at Swinburne. He chose to specialise in robotics and mechatronics – an interest that was sparked by the 2004 film I, Robot.

The opportunity to better understand what was formerly constrained to the world of science fiction, but has now become a reality, drew Jagannatha to this unique career pathway. 

In addition to Jagannatha’s passion for robotics, his desire to help others was a chief reason behind his decision to study at Swinburne. We spoke to Jagannatha directly to learn more about his studies at Swinburne and his ambitions for the future.

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Gaining hands-on experience in the technological landscape

According to Jagannatha, a major selling point in choosing Swinburne as his study destination was the guarantee of real industry experience. Regardless of the field of study, this is an advantage offered to all students at Swinburne. The Career Success Program is an exciting part of its professional master’s qualifications. 

Jagannatha says that this program has given him access to professional guidance, resume and cover letter-building sessions, and industry talks. Not to mention, he’s had ample opportunities to connect with alumni and create long-lasting professional relationships.

Jagannatha’s industry-based project was carried out over an exciting 12 weeks. In this time, he and his group members worked hard to create a prototype that would help solve a real problem faced by the robotics industry. His group designed a working prototype of a “standalone data logger.”

This compact device captures data flowing between any two subsystems and can continue to operate for roughly four continuous days without any human intervention. Jagannatha says that the development of this project would not have been possible without the expert guidance and support of faculty members.

“Throughout the semester, the supervisors were super supportive, which enabled us to concentrate and apply our knowledge and skills to provide a solution for a real-time problem,” he shares.

Giving back to the international student community

As he advanced in his studies, Jagannatha was eventually presented with the opportunity to become a Swinburne Student Ambassador. He has found the experience so rewarding that, even in a busy semester, he will always take the time to speak with prospective students and manage the other responsibilities that come with the role. 

Jagannatha also participated in Swinburne’s Emerging Leader Program, which focuses on enhancing students’ employability. Not only was it a fulfilling way to become involved in the student community, but it also allowed Jagannatha to improve his own skills in a variety of areas.

“Studying at Swinburne has enabled me to modulate the skills that I have learned over the past couple of years in a better and more professional way,” he explains.

  • International student Jagannatha (Master of Professional Engineering)

    “Throughout the semester, the supervisors were super supportive, which enabled us to concentrate and apply our knowledge and skills to provide a solution for a real-time problem."

    Jagannatha , Master of Professional Engineering

Words of wisdom for prospective students

His experience and success in his studies make Jagannatha an excellent advisor to fellow international students considering Swinburne. Additionally, given his dedication to improving the lives of others, he is more than happy to do exactly that.

“Think big. Balance your passion with the current requirements of society,” he urges.

He clarifies that doing so will ensure that you have an opportunity to work on projects you truly enjoy, while also bettering the world around us. He also strongly recommends attending a university that provides real industry experience just as Swinburne does, something he has found extremely valuable in his course. 

Jagannatha says that it’s also a great idea to research which scholarships are available, particularly those designated for international students. As the recipient of a scholarship from Swinburne, Jagannatha understands the significant difference financial aid can make in improving a student’s lifestyle. 

Finally, he encourages students to remember that attending university isn’t strictly about study. 

“Swinburne has a wide range of clubs, volunteering, speed mentoring and ambassador programs that we can enrol and take part in,” he says. “Participating in at least one of these will give you an abundant scope to develop soft skills. It will also help you meet a diverse range of people.” 

Jagannatha concludes with the important reminder that life is about balance. With that in mind, he advises students to attend a university that will provide them with rich and diverse experiences, while enhancing their overall development.

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