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2018 SOLL Seminar Programme

Date Speaker Title Abstract
Friday 16 March Dr Piotr Deuar
The Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
Freeing Semiclassical Field Theory of the UV Catastrophe and Cutoff Dependence

Friday 20 April Dr Jia Wang
Centre for Quantum and Optical Science, FSET, Swinburne University

Few- and Many-body Physics in Ultracold Quantum Gases with Synthetic Spin-orbit Coupling


Monday 30 April Prof. Ed Hinds
Centre for Cold Matter, Imperial College, London
Magneto-Optical Trapping and Sub-Doppler Cooling of Molecules

Friday 4 May Adjunct Prof. Tien Kieu
Centre for Quantum and Optical Science, Swinburne University
Time Spans in a New Class of Time-Energy Uncertainty Relations for Time-Dependent Hamiltonians

Monday 30 July Dr Jacob Krich
Department of Physics, University of Ottawa, Canada
Intermediate Band Materials for High Efficiency Solar Cells: Overview and Future Directions

Friday 26 October Dr Russell Anderson
Department of Physics, Monash University
Fractional Period Adiabatic Superlattice; and Inspiring Students toward Scientific Computing

Friday 30 November Prof. Vladimir A. Yurovsky
School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Quantum Many-Body Effects in Matter-Wave Breathers

Friday 7 December Dr Ivan S. Maksymov
Centre for Microphotonics, Swinburne University
Coupling Light and Sound: Giant Nonlinearities from Oscillating Bubbles and Droplets