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Frontiers in Chip-based Nonlinear Photonics

Professor Benjamin J. Eggleton

ARC Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS), School of Physics, University of Sydney

11:00 am Wednesday, 10 September 2014, EN413 Lecture Theatre (EN Building), Hawthorn.

My talk reviews our recent progress in developing photonic circuits that exploit nanophotonics and optical nonlinearity to generate and manipulated photons down to the single photon level. I will review our recent progress in developing silicon and chalcogenide based dispersion engineered photonic crystal circuits that offer exquisite control of light with a particular emphasis on slow-light enhancements of nonlinearities and also our recent demonstration of stimulated Brillouin scattering in photonic integrated circuits. Highlights of this work include the first demonstration of optical solitons in silicon, integrate spatial multiplexing of heralded photons and on-chip microwave photonics filters and frequency combs.



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