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Vortex Lattice Formation in Rotating Conventional and Dipolar Dilute Gas Bose-Einstein condensates

Dr Andy Martin

School of Physics, University of Melbourne

3:30 pm Friday, 16 May 2008
EN101 (Ground Floor, EN Building), Hawthorn.

Initially I will review the current research activities into the dynamics of dilute gas Bose-Einstein condensates, carried out at Melbourne. These areas include: the stability of Bright Solitary Waves, the adiabatic transport properties of BECs in multiple well systems and the collapse dynamics of dipolar BECs. I will then specifically consider the properties of rotating dilute gas Bose-Einstein condensates. Showing how for a single component BEC the stability of quadrupolar oscillations has been shown to be directly related to the formation of vortex lattices. I will then extend this work to consider dipolar interactions and two component BECs. In the dipolar case I will show that the interactions can significantly alter the regions of stability and hence vortex lattice formation. In the two component case we show how novel vortex lattice states can be formed and propose novel center of mass oscillations.

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