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Quantum Teleportation of Light and the Laser Quantum State

Professor Howard Carmichael

University of Auckland, New Zealand

3:30 pm Monday, 24 November 2008, EN101 (EN Building), Hawthorn.

In this talk we explore two loosely connected topics, unified by the theme of entanglement and its interpretation. The first concerns the quantum teleportation of light. We review recent experiments on continuous variable teleportation and ask whether their strategy (protocol) can teleport a beam of light, i.e, across its entire extension of its temporal correlations. The second follows from the assertion that genuine continuous variable teleportation cannot be achieved by conventional laser sources [Rudolf and Sanders, PRL 87, 077903 (2001)], since according to Moelmer [PRA 55, 3195 (1997)] "optical coherences may be regarded as a convenient fiction". We explore an argument in opposition...that from an understanding of entanglement itself, optical coherence is closer by far to fact than it is to a fiction.


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