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Analysis, Synthesis and Applications of Diffractive Optics

Prof Byoungho Lee

School of EE, Seoul National University, Korea

Tuesday 21st February 2006, 3.30PM, Seminar Room AR103, Graduate Research Centre.

The control and manipulation of optical fields is one of the most fundamental, ultimate and challenging requirements in modern technology. With startling advances in micro-fabrication and computer technologies, highly feasible control and manipulation of optical fields are realized these days.

In this talk, some researches of my group on the analysis, synthesis and applications for control and manipulation of optical fields using diffractive optics are introduced. At first, several design and analysis techniques of diffractive optical elements will be introduced. And an optimal beam shaping using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator with a dynamic feedback will be discussed. Some applications using the spatial light modulator will be discussed. And the integral imaging technique, which is a promising three-dimensional display technique, and its combination with computer-generated hologram will be discussed. Finally analysis on the resonance phenomena of surface plasmon waves and some experimental results will also be given.

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