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Complete Wavefield Recovery using Phase-Space Tomography and Its Application in Imaging

Dr. Chanh Q. Tran

School of Physics, University of Melbourne

Friday 19th August 2005, 3.30PM, Seminar Room AR103, Graduate Research Centre.

We discuss the role of coherence in x-ray imaging and consider how phase-space tomography can be used to extract information about partial coherence. The application of phase-space tomography to x-ray imaging and to recover the spatial coherence properties of one-dimensional x-ray beams from a synchrotron undulator source will be presented. The decoupling of the effect of slowly varying aberrations from the field will be described and so both measure the aberration and the un-aberrated field. Simple experimental reconstructions will be given to demonstrate that coherent information can be fully recovered using partially coherent diffraction data. Finally, we propose an approach to permit the recovery of complete coherence information from three-dimensional intensity data for partially coherent, two-dimensional waves obeying the Schell coherence model. Our approach will allow checks of the consistency of the data with the Schell model. The role of phase singularities in the problem of partially coherent wavefield recovery will also be discussed.

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