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Preparation and Experimental Characterisation of Coherent Superposition States of Two Degenerate Levels

Manfred Heinz

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany

3:30pm Thursday 31 March, AGSE211, Swinburne University of Technology

We report on the preparation of superposition states of two or more degenerate levels in a J = 2 metastable state of Neon. In particular, we demonstrate a method for the measurement of the relative phase between the states. The superposition state can either be prepared between the magnetic sublevels M = +1 and M = -1 by using the tripod STIRAP scheme [1,2] or between the sublevels M = 0 and M = ±2 by the use of twin STIRAP. The relative phases of all the superposition states can be measured by coherently coupling the levels 3P2 !3 P1 by a linearly polarized laser, followed by a detection of the population in the 3P2(m = ±2) states as a function of the polarization angle of that laser [3].

[1] H. Theuer et al. Optics Express, 4(2):77-83, 1999
[2] B. W. Shore et al. Optics Communications, 155:144-154, 1998
[3] F. Vewinger et al. Physical Review Letters, 91(21), 2003

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