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Prof. Benjamin J. Eggleton

ARC Federation Fellow, Director -CUDOS, ARC Centre of Excellence - Ultra-high bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems. School of Physics, Sydney University

11.30am, Friday 31 January 2003, AR103 Seminar Room, Graduate Research Centre

This presentation will review the purpose and scope of the CUDOS research program. The main vision of CUDOS is to develop the theoretical and experimental expertise to create "photonic chips" -- the building blocks for the next generation of optical systems. This means researching ways to miniaturise the required optics - an equivalent technical advance for photonic applications to the great leap forward that occurred in electronics when bulky, inefficient thermionic valves and tubes were replaced by small, cheap, mass-produced integrated circuits and computer chips.

Such miniaturization will be achieved using novel optical concepts such as photonic crystals and microphotonic structures and will rely on advanced fabrication techniques, new material systems and possibly entirely new principles. CUDOS will also investigate optical processing techniques that rely on nonlinear effects in novel optical structures and will integrate these nonlinear functions onto photonic chips.

CUDOS is a collaborative project combining the established expertise of researchers at the University of Sydney, ANU, Macquarie University, Swinburne University, the University of Technology, Sydney and CSIRO. It also builds on established research links with photonics research groups at other Australian universities and CRCs, with DSTO and with international partners such as Bell Labs in the USA.

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