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Atoms on a wire: exact results

Prof. Peter Drummond

ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Atom Optics, University of Queensland

11.30am, Friday 20 June 2003, AR103 Seminar Room, Graduate Research Centre

Physicists are now starting to make a nearly perfect Bose gas in one dimension, a long-held holy grail of quantum field theorists - ever since exact solutions were announced way back in the sixties.

Surprisingly, no exact correlation functions were ever found, even though this is the perfect signature of the amazing transition that a Bose gas makes when it becomes Fermi-like in one dimension.

To cut a long story short - problem solved, with help from a multinational team in Australia, France and Holland. I'll explain what the exact solutions are, how we got the correlations, how the different experiments work, and what is needed to test our predictions.

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