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Bose Einstein Condensation, The Atom Laser and Quantum Atom Optics

Dr. John Close

ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Atom Optics, Australian National University

3.30pm, Tuesday 7 October 2003, AR103 Seminar Room, Graduate Research Centre

The atom laser is the matter wave analogue of the optical laser, providing a coherent, bright, tunable deBroglie matter wave that can be reflected, diffracted, interfered, entangled and squeezed. Although the atom laser holds promise as the ultimate source for the newly emerging field of quantum atom optics, there is still much to be done to develop this device past the demonstration stage. This talk will serve as an introduction to the new field of quantum atom optics with reference to our recent results on Bose-Einstein condensation, the atom laser and quantum noise limited minimally destructive detection of atoms. In addition, I will describe our planned experiments to apply squeezed light to cold atoms leading to potential applications in sub shot-noise limited detection, sub diffraction-limited imaging and quantum memory. This talk is aimed at a non-specialist audience.

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