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ACQAO - a bright future for quantum atom optics

Prof. Hans-A. Bachor

Research Director, ACQAO an ARC Centre of Excellence, ANU Canberra

3.30pm, Friday 16 May 2003, AR103 Seminar Room, Graduate Research Centre

The Australian Research Centre has funded a series of Centres of Excellence, linking research activities in the best groups in Australia , New Zealand and overseas. We have formed a new centre in the area of quantum atom optics - which combines the research our research with entangled light beams with the features of macroscopic atom systems, such a BECs and atom lasers. Our aim is to optimise our intellectual resources in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and to build scientific tools for the future. These include new ideas, experimental demonstrations and computer simulations. This talk provides an overview of the Centre, its structure, its research goals and the opportunities it will create.

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