Job application and interview skills

As a Swinburne student, you have access to resources that will help you write a strong job application and prepare for a job interview or assessment centre.

Applying for a job

Writing your job application

When you apply for a job, you will usually need to send a résumé and a cover letter. For some jobs, you may also need to supply a written response to key selection criteria and/or a portfolio.

In most cases, you should deliver a unique set of documents for every job application. A résumé and cover letter tailored to a specific position and company is more likely to be successful.

The Career Start program takes you through creating a professional application for employment or work integrated learning.  It provides information on resumes, cover letters, and creating a LinkedIn profile.  The program also helps you to prepare and perform your best at interview

You will receive individual online feedback 24/7 which helps you improve your application documents and understand how your applications compare to your peers and industry benchmarks.

Assessment centres

Assessment centres are a form of interview used by some graduate recruiters. You should expect a day of activities intended to evaluate skills that are difficult to assess at an interview. The main reason for poor performance at assessment centres is a failure to prepare. Use the resources on My Career Toolkit to give yourself the best chance of success.