Job application and interview skills

As a Swinburne student, you have access to resources that will help you write a strong job application and prepare for a job interview or assessment centre.

Applying for a job

Writing your job application

When you apply for a job, you will usually need to send a résumé and a cover letter. For some jobs, you may also need to supply a written response to key selection criteria and/or a portfolio.

In most cases, you should deliver a unique set of documents for every job application. A résumé and cover letter tailored to a specific position and company is more likely to be successful.


A LinkedIn profile is a powerful networking tool that can notify you of job leads. It can also act as a useful extension of your résumé for potential employers who might search for you.

Feedback on your job application and LinkedIn profile

We encourage you to send us your cover letter, résumé and LinkedIn profile for review by a career consultant. Simply upload the documents to Blackboard. Make sure you use the résumé and cover letter builders – plus the information on Blackboard – to help you create the best possible job application documents before you send them to us. We aim to provide feedback within two working days.

You should discuss key selection criteria with us in person. Book an appointment to go through your responses once you are happy with them. 

Preparing for a job interview

The key to succeeding at a job interview is preparation. At this point, employers want to ensure you have the skills you said you had in your application and that you are a good fit for the company. Check out the job interview resources on SwinEmploy.

Assessment centres

Assessment centres are a form of interview used by some graduate recruiters. You should expect a day of activities intended to evaluate skills that are difficult to assess at interview. The main reason for poor performance at assessment centres is a failure to prepare. Use the resources on SwinEmploy to give yourself the best chance of success.