Use the AccessAbility Careers Hub

If you are a tertiary student living with disability a medical condition, mental illness or primary carer responsibilities you can use the AccessAbility Careers Hub to develop your career management skills and employability. Our consultants will help you make tailored use of the resources that suit you including online materials, individual consultations, internship opportunities, workshops, seminars, catered lunches, Swinburne’s GradWISE program and Swinburne’s Neurodiversity Hub. You will be encouraged to:

  • identify and refine your career goals;
  • develop the insight you need to grow as an emerging professional; and
  • learn how to engage with employers to help you get the work you want.

To register:

  • Complete and submit the brief registration form
  • We'll then contact you to help plan your use of the AccessAbility Careers Hub.

Resources to choose from

Use SwinEmploy to find AccessAbility Careers Hub workshops and seminars.

Use the AccessAbility Careers Club to take part in events and help plan new ones.

Make an appointment to see an AccessAbility Careers Hub consultant.

Learn about the Swinburne Neurodiversity Hub

Students diagnosed with autism and/or Aspergers can use the Neurodiversity Hub to explore industry placement and employment opportunities with neurodiverse-confident employers. Contact to find out how to plan your use of the Neurodiversity Hub.

Learn about the Swinburne GradWISE program

The AccessAbility Career Hub’s partnership with GradWISE supports students with and disability seeking casual, part-time and graduate employment opportunities. For further information or to make an appointment with Ed Osano or Chardee McEwan (GradWISE consultants):

Complete the GradWISE Selfie Evaluation to explore your strengths from a new angle. Note: this takes you to a non-Swinburne site. You will be asked for your name and email so that WISE Employment can follow up and provide a full profile report should you want it.

Further Careers & Employability resources

Additional services and employability programs