Professional Internships

Some of your most valuable knowledge may come from engaging with industry professionals in the workplace. A Professional Internship gives you the opportunity to do this while you are still studying, earning credit towards your degree.

You will have the chance to apply for opportunities relevant to your discipline. Professional Internships incorporate part-time work experience over one semester (16 to 19 days total) in conjunction with an online academic component featuring specific Work Integrated Learning objectives.

An internship will give you the chance to:

  • observe and participate in real projects and day-to-day work, under the guidance of industry professionals
  • develop professional and practical skills in your field
  • understand what it means to apply your knowledge in a real work setting.


Internships are 140 hours in industry and can either undertaken part-time over one semester or full-time in summer or winter. They normally involve interactions with an industry partner for one or two days per week.

Available disciplines

Professional Internships are available to undergraduate students and are taken as an elective unit.

Course credit

A Professional Internship is an academic program and includes assessment tasks. Your assessment is progressive throughout the internship and linked directly to your time working in industry. Your first assessment is an Internship Plan where you will have the opportunity to outline your learning aims and objectives for this unit. Other assessment includes check ins, reflective practice and writing that links academic theory to the world of work. The unit is an elective unit worth 12.5 credit points.

For international students you must have an elective unit free in your study plan.

For local students you may add this unit as an extra unit on top of your course if you do not have a free elective.


Professional internships are normally not paid.

Insurance and Fair Work Act

Students who undertake a Professional Internship will be covered by Swinburne’s Public Liability insurance. All Professional Internships will comply with the Australian Government’s Fair Work guidelines for unpaid internships.

Disability support

If you have a disability or ongoing health issue and are undertaking a placement or internship, Swinburne offers a range of disability support services.


Students will be charged a standard unit tuition fee for the Professional Internship unit.


  • students in courses that have a Professional Internship as an accredited study option
  • domestic and international students (students studying through Swinburne Online (SOL) or Open Universities Australia (OUA) are not eligible for a professional internship)
  • completed a minimum of 150 credit points in your degree, or in the last semester of your degree have a minimum of one unit of study plus the Professional Internship unit remaining to complete your degree
  • have an elective unit free in your study plan
  • a weighted course average of 60.0% or higher
  • selection may include an interview with the industry partner.


  • register for the Professional Internships program
  • your eligibility will be confirmed
  • you will be added to Career Start, a compulsory Blackboard module that assists with CV and cover letter writing as well as interview skills
  • once Career Start has been successfully completed you will be provided access to view and apply for internship opportunities
  • securing an internship is a competitive process and will rely on the quality of your CV, cover letter, academic record, interview and folio (where applicable).


Registrations for the Semester 2 2019 Professional Internships program are now open