Industry-linked projects

Problem-solving is a strength that can bolster your prospective career. We want you to graduate with the confidence and skills to tackle any project or everyday challenge that crosses your future workplace – today.

Industry-linked projects invite you to take on authentic workplace challenges related to your future career. All projects are team-based and guided by real industry professionals.

Industry-linked projects are normally undertaken as a unit of study during the final year of your course. This invaluable opportunity will give you the chance to:

  • participate in real, on-the-job challenges that may include competitions, research projects or internal briefs
  • learn how to apply your knowledge to actual workplace tasks
  • improve your teamwork skills
  • develop your initiative and problem-solving capacity.


Industry-linked projects usually run for one semester.

Course credit

You can complete a project as part of a unit of study. Most units are worth 12.5 credit points.


Industry-linked projects are not paid.


Students will be charged standard unit tuition fees for the Industry Linked project units.


  • students in courses that have an Industry Linked Project as an accredited study option or requirement
  • each industry-linked project unit will also have specific unit prerequisites.

How to apply

Industry-linked projects are done as part of a unit of study and may be a requirement of your course. Speak with your course coordinator or book a course advice appointment to discuss available units.

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