Accreditation placements

Some degrees include a mandatory work placement as a requirement of professional accreditation. Some professional experiences or clinical placements are credited to your degree, others not, but all are compulsory.

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The length of an accreditation placement varies according to the requirements of the profession. Currently they are:

  • 20 days for law
  • 12 weeks for engineering
  • 20 days for education, during the semester.

There may be some flexibility in duration, depending on the program, e.g. law placements can be undertaken in ‘block’ mode over summer, or one or two days a week during semester.

Course credit

Accreditation placements are required as part of certain degrees. Refer to your course for placement requirements.


If you’re a Bachelor of Laws students, you must complete three 20-day professional experience placements over the course of your degree.


If you’re an undergraduate engineering student, you must complete a minimum of 12 weeks of approved experience (paid or unpaid) in an engineering environment before you can graduate.


If you’re studying to be a teacher, professional experience placements are a mandatory requirement for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. The number of placement days you must complete each year will be detailed in your course information.


Accreditation placements are generally unpaid.


Fees are incorporated into your total course tuition fee estimate.


Check your course requirements. The disciplines in which such a placement is usually required are:

  • engineering
  • law
  • education