Workshops and short courses on study skills

Workshops and short courses can help you improve your learning and academic skills, including:

  • strategies for learning
  • essay, report and thesis writing
  • researching and referencing
  • speaking and presentation skills
  • computer literacy
  • formatting of assignments.

LANTITE preparation workshops

LAS will present preparation workshops for LANTITE from 28 October to 1 November 2019. Education students planning to take the LANTITE test in October 2019 or at later dates are welcome to attend. The literacy workshops will be from 10am to 12pm each morning, and the numeracy workshops from 1pm – 3pm each afternoon.

Date and locations are as follows:

28 – 30 October
Location - AGSE108

31 October – 1 November
Location - AGSE110

Workplace Communication Skills

This one-day program will give you practical skills that enable you to effectively communicate and interact with your colleagues, management and external clients.

You'll also have the opportunity to expand your network and make new friends.

Upcoming programs will take place on:

  • Thursday 7 November, 10am – 4.30pm, in AGSE107/108, Hawthorn campus

Grammar Review Online Program

The Learning and Academic Skills Centre’s Grammar Review Online Program is a free, online program that provides grammar review activities for intermediate to upper-intermediate students from a non-English speaking background.

This program focuses on four areas; verbs, determiners, prepositions and sentences. This is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their grammar and enhance their general and academic English oral and written skills. Enrolments for this program are accepted all year.

Study Smarter Workshops

Study Smarter Workshops are our free one-hour workshops that help strengthen your assignment writing, reading, referencing, oral presentation, time-management and exam preparation skills. No bookings necessary. The Study Smarter Workshops run in weeks 1 – 4 of the semester and week 11.

You'll also receive a Participation Award for attending four or more workshops.

Negotiation skills at uni and at work

This workshop looks at what negotiation is, what skilled negotiators do, negotiation styles, how negotiation practices differ from country to country, and each students’ experience with negotiation. Students will practise negotiation and give/receive feedback. This is a half day workshop.

Semester 1, 2020 dates to be announced.

Effective Editing Strategies

The Learning and Academic Skills Centre’s Effective Editing Strategies is a free, one-day program, aimed at providing students with effective skills in editing academic content, language, structure and layout.

There will be two programs conducted. One is aimed at Intermediate/upper-intermediate English language speakers, and another is aimed at Advanced level speakers.

Intermediate/upper-intermediate program dates for Semester 1 2020 to be announced.

Advanced level program dates for Semester 1 2020 to be announced.

Physics Preparation Program

Our free, intensive 5-day program Physics Preparation Program is an opportunity for students, undertaking the Energy and Motion unit, to review the foundational knowledge of physics concepts essential for success in the unit.

If you have not undertaken a physics course before or would like a refresher on introductory physics concepts, we invite you to register for this program. Upon meeting the attendance and homework requirements, you will be given bonus points (up to 5% of your final mark) towards your Unilink Energy and Motion unit mark.

Upcoming dates to be announced.

Financial Literacy Program

This is a free one-day program which covers financial calculations for study, work and life.

Dates to be announced.

Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success is a series of special multi-day workshops offered as part of orientation each semester. These workshops cover transitioning to University, what to expect at university, strategies that will help you to succeed in your academic studies and the support services available. Strategies for Success can help improve your results, boost your confidence and is a great way to meet new people.

Workshops for 2019 are now over.

Strategies for Success Semester 1 2020 for local and international students dates to be announced.

Effective Public Speaking Program

A free 10-hour program (4 x 2.5 hour workshops) which covers giving an oral presentation, leading a discussion and basic concepts of debating. Students who complete the full program will be presented with a Swinburne University of Technology and Rotary Club Participation Certificate.

Semester 1 2020 dates to be announced.

Cultural life in Australia seminar

The seminars focus on discussing different events in Australia, Australian cultural traditions and making new friends.

Semester 1 2020 dates to be announced.

Conversations with locals

A free English conversation class run by native English speakers from a local community group. At this workshop you will practise your conversational English with a native English speaker from a local community and learn about local life. Dates to be announced.

For enquiries contact

Semester 1 2020 dates to be announced.