Free Adobe Creative Cloud access for all students

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Take your digital literacy up a few notches

It doesn't matter if you're studying on-campus, online or outside Australia. As a Swinburne student, you'll enjoy free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes over 20 different apps. You can use it anywhere, on any device, for the entire time you're studying with us. That's great, you're thinking, but why? 
Simple – work and living will continue to become more digital. To keep up, you'll need greater access to tools of the future. That's why Swinburne's signed on to become Australia's first Adobe Creative Campus. Because whatever your industry, your career will hinge on your ability to problem-solve, collaborate and communicate – skills which you'll strengthen by using the Creative Cloud!

How do I get started?

  1. Download the Adobe Creative Cloud app on your device/s
  2. Log in with your Swinburne student ID. Step-by-step instructions can be found below:

Excuse me, I have a question.

Do I qualify for free access to Creative Cloud?

If you're a currently enrolled student with a Swinburne email address, then yes! This includes anyone who is studying 
  • full-time or part-time, on campus, at Hawthorn, Wantirna, Croydon
  • at Swinburne Sydney
  • at one of Swinburne's non-Australian campuses and teaching locations including Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam
  • with Swinburne Online
  • a distance learning course with Swinburne
  • a Swinburne course via Open Universities Australia (OUA)

How do I access Creative Cloud?

You can download the Creative Cloud desktop app onto your personal device from Adobe's website. All computers at Swinburne will have the full suite of Creative Cloud apps installed. To log in, simply use your Swinburne email address and password. Login instructions are also available via the Swinburne device, personal Windows, or personal Mac user guides.

Who do I contact for tech support?

Try Swinburne's IT Service Desk in the first instance. Call +61 3 9214 5000.

How many devices can I download and use Creative Cloud on?

As many as you like! Your user license allows you to install your apps on multiple devices, stay signed in on two, but be active on only one device at a time. Read the handy explainer here. 

Can I use Creative Cloud for personal projects or is it for class-related work only?

It's for both! Feel free to use it where and when you think it might be useful.

What devices can I use Creative Cloud on?

Creative Cloud applications work on all types of devices including your laptop, tablet and phone.

How long will my free access last?

You'll enjoy free access to Creative Cloud for as long as you are a currently enrolled student  at Swinburne.

How do I book an on-campus device with Creative Cloud access?

Library PCs can be booked in advance using the My PC booking system. (Hint - the  LateLab is open 24 hours a day and classrooms are open access when not being used for teaching!)

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

It's a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX and more. Creative Cloud lets you tell stories and share ideas in many modes. Apart from the well-known Photoshop and InDesign, Fresco makes drawing and painting more lifelike than ever (use it on your iPad!), while Dimension and Character Animator let you create in 2D and 3D respectively. Other apps help you create webpages, videos, social posts and mobile app prototypes. Explore the collection yourself!

I don't really know how to use Creative Cloud. Where do I start?

All the applications come with built-in tutorials. You can also access online tutorials on Adobe's website and Youtube channel.

I'm not studying a creative course. Why should I use Creative Cloud?

Regardless of the industry you end up in, the future workplace will demand creative thinking and being able to compellingly communicate and present your ideas. If you have Creative Cloud in your arsenal of tools, you'll be placing yourself ahead of the pack!

How is Creative Cloud different from Creative Suite?

Creative Suite was something you'd buy as a one-off product. Creative Cloud is based on a subscription, so you always have access to the latest software updates, along with mobile apps and some cloud services.

What is an Adobe Creative Campus?

That's when a university signs a strategic partnership with Adobe, then incorporates the Creative Cloud into its teaching because it believes that digital literacy, access and equity are essential to its students' futures. 

Why did Swinburne become an Adobe Creative Campus?

Because we want our students to have the tools to succeed in the digitally-dominant future. We're planning to transform the way we teach to ensure that you'll gain the knowledge, adaptability and experience you need to become industry-ready. As part of the transformation plan, our Graduate Attributes (translation – good qualities we hope to impart on you) will now include Digital Literacies as a critical skill for the future. By providing free access to the Creative Cloud, we're hoping to improve your creativity and digital literacy. 

What is digital literacy?

It's being able to confidently, creatively and critically use technology. For example, to look for information and evaluate its authenticity, collaborate with others, manage your online identity and become a content creator, not just a consumer.  

I already have a subscription to Creative Cloud. Can I migrate my content or terminate that contract without penalty?

That depends on when you purchased your license. Adobe's support team will be able to advise you more accurately. You can cancel your existing Creative Cloud membership here. You can also call 1800 426 570 and tell Adobe's support team “I need to cancel my Creative Cloud subscription as it is now provided by my educational institution”. If you want to migrate content from your personal license to Swinburne's university license, you can find more info here.

What operating systems and software do I need to run Creative Cloud?

It works with both Mac OS and Windows and on multiple browser types. Find the full list here.

What happens to my subscription and files when I graduate or leave Swinburne?

Your Creative Cloud subscription ends when you graduate or leave us. However, you can set up an Adobe ID and migrate your content to this personal account. Make sure you do this before you graduate so you don't lose any files! You can also sign up for your own Creative Cloud subscription on the Adobe website

I recently graduated but my student account is still active. Can I still access Creative Cloud for free?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to access Creative Cloud once you graduate. 

I've taken a leave of absence from study. Do I still have access while I'm on my leave of absence?

We're afraid that you must be currently studying to enjoy free access to Creative Cloud. Taking a leave of absence means that you're not an active student.