Faculty-led study tours

Swinburne offers short-term overseas study tours led by an experienced faculty staff member. Our study programs run for 2 to 6 weeks, usually outside of semester, and give you the opportunity to learn about industries in other countries and make a difference to the communities you visit.

How to find a study tour

Browse our range of study programs to learn about departure dates, costs and eligibility criteria. We've arranged the study programs by topic, to reflect their itinerary. Many study programs are available to students across all disciplines so search our range of options to find one that's suitable.

Browse our study programs by topic and register your interest.

ProgramLocationArea of Study 
Business Innovation in Asia Pacific Japan and China Business, Multi-Disciplinary
Business Innovation in America United States Business, Multi-Disciplinary
Cultural Study Tour Indonesia Indonesia Arts
Engineering and Business Enterprise in a Complex Environment Timor Leste Engineering, Business
Global Dialogue: South Africa South Africa Multi-Disciplinary
Global Perspective of Engineering Management China Engineering
Indonesia Law and Governance Indonesia Law
Industry Consulting Project - Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Business
Industry Consulting Project - Vietnam Vietnam Business
Industry Study Tour - Samoa Samoa Multi-Disciplinary
STEM Robotics - San Francisco and Boston United States Education
Understanding the European Union - Italian Residential Italy Multi-Disciplinary