Why a virtual internship?

Gain the kinds of skills employers are now looking for. 

With travel feeling so out of reach at the moment, it can be hard to find the motivation to plan your next overseas adventure. But Swinburne Abroad is excited to announce our bespoke range of virtual overseas internship programs, designed to give you that international experience from the safety and comfort of home!

This unique pilot program will give you the chance to gain hands-on international experience in a workplace on the other side of the world- you'll grow your intercultural communication skills, learn in a new environment and utilise the digital skills that are now more in demand than ever before.

  • Global Virtual Internships

    Global Virtual Internships

    4 January – 26 February, 2021
    Europe and North America

    Gain hands-on experience working for a company based in one of the world's leading cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Boston, LA, New York, Paris, Rome, Toronto and more...

    With internships available in a huge range of disciplines, you'll be working on projects suited to your study area, and have access to coaching/support and a network of other interns. 

    Multi-discipline / most study areas available, excluding Nursing, Education and Aviation

    Cost: US$1,450 (approx A$2,000)
    Funding available: N/A
    Host: Academic Internship Council

  • Engineering Internships

    Engineering Internships

    14 December, 2020 – 5 February, 2021

    Use your engineering skills and develop your workplace experience with this internship in China. The hands-on experience will speak volumes for your CV, but with extras including workshops on employability skills, an assigned in-country cultural mentor, plus a gamified system for community interaction, this virtual internship will feel just like the real thing!

    Cost: A$2,200
    Funding available: A$2,200 grants available
    Host: Pagoda Projects (Intern China)

    Learn more.

  • Women in STEM Internships

    Women in STEM Internships

    4 January – 26 February, 2021

    Expand your skills working for a STEM-industry company and gain job-ready experience before you graduate...

    This program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate female students studying in Engineering, Science, IT & Computer Science, Business Information Systems or Health Science & Psychology.

    With extra-curricular activities including industry talks from influential women in STEM, you'll gain more than just work experience from this program.

    Cost: A$2,130
    Funding available: A$2,130 grants available
    Host: The Global Student

  • Business & Law Internships

    Business & Law Internships

    4 January – 26 February, 2021

    Grow your CV with this virtual opportunity in Malaysia- you'll gain practical workplace experience in an outcome-driven role. A combination of working collaboratively with your team as well as independent project work will give you take-away remote learning skills. Plus extras like weekly language and culture classes and discussions will help the experience feel like a truly global one!

    Cost: A$1,950
    Funding available: A$1,950 grants available
    Host: The Global Student

  • Engineering Internships

    Engineering Internships

    4 January – 26 February, 2021

    Expand your engineering and workplace skills with a real Malaysian company. With opportunities to work with a team and independently, you'll gain the skills employers are now looking for. Weekly language and culture classes will add to the experience and leave you feeling like a real global citizen, even from home.

    Cost: A$1,950
    Funding available: A$1,950 grants available
    Host: The Global Student

  • IT & Computer Science Internships

    IT & Computer Science Internships

    7 January – 5 February, 2021

    Gain professional experience and  participate in career navigation training workshops- this program will give you tangible skills to get you job-ready. And with extras like culture exchange and expert coaching from colleagues, you'll feel like a global employee from day one.

    Cost: A$1,100)
    Funding available: $1,100 grants available
    Host: FPT University

Grants and funding available

Yep, you read that right. There is plenty of Australian Government New Colombo Plan funding available for most of these programs, which is a great way to test out a virtual experience with most (if not all) of the costs fully covered! There is eligibility criteria and conditions related to this funding, so if you want to check your basic eligibility, keep reading below:

  • Must be an Australian citizen
  • Not a citizen of, or have residency rights to, the destination where the virtual experience is occurring
  • Studying an Undergraduate course
  • Students who have previously received a New Colombo Plan grant for a semester of short-term program are eligible to also receive a grant for a virtual program
  • Be between 18 - 28 years of age at the commencement of the program (there is a 30% buffer allowed for students outside of this age range)
  • Funding is allocated once successful applications are received, until exhausted, but not paid until the student is accepted into the program and has made an initial deposit payment to the internship provider

For more details on funding eligibility, please contact Swinburne Abroad directly.

Note: Unfortunately OS HELP Loans are not available for Virtual Internship programs.

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Working alongside our experienced third-party internship providers, you'll have everything organised including your internship position, virtual orientation and full support during your program- plus a network of other interns to share the experience with!

Academic credit

Overseas Internships (including our virtual programs) can be taken for academic credit towards your Swinburne degree. To learn more about this, visit our website or watch the information session below where our team will help explain the process.

Be flexible

It's important to keep an open mind with these programs. Most study areas/majors are available, but unfortunately not all, or your discipline may be better suited for a certain destination. But that's the nature of remote work- learning to be flexible! Our team will help give you program advice best suited for your course.

Virtual overseas internships

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