Privacy and confidentiality

We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. 


Privacy refers to the way personal information such as your address and contact details are handled and stored, and what types of information we are allowed to ask for in order to be able to help you.

All Swinburne health, medical, counselling and support staff maintain the highest standards, adhering to:


Anything you say during a medical or counselling appointment is confidential. That is, it remains between you and your practitioner.  Whatever you discuss cannot be shared with anyone else – such as a teacher or family member – without your explicit consent. 

In very exceptional circumstances, confidentiality may be broken.

Generally, this would only happen if a consulting practitioner believes you to be a direct danger to yourself or others, or if a court of law has formally requested the information.

Even in these rare situations, your practitioner must protect your privacy and keep you informed about what personal information has been shared, and the reason. 

If you feel privacy or confidentiality has been breached

Our privacy guidelines, privacy statement and privacy collection notice explain how we manage personal information. 

If you feel your confidentiality or privacy has been breached, you should contact the relevant reception to try to resolve the matter with the practice manager.

If you are still unsatisfied and need to lodge a formal complaint, the Health Complaints Commissioner deals with serious breaches of health confidentiality and privacy.