Financial advice

Whether money is tight or you are comfortably off, it’s a good idea to spend a little time considering your finances. You can make an appointment with a financial adviser to help.

Do yourself a favour by making sure that you’re receiving all the benefits available, you're paying as little as possible for household bills and you’ve got a budget that allows you to pay for the essentials – as well as the fun stuff.

How a financial adviser can help

A financial adviser can give you information about Centrelink benefits and other possible sources of income. Among other things, they can help you with budgeting for the year, applying for loans or grants, emergency financial assistance and a payment plan for some fees if you're a vocational education student. They can also assist if you are unable to afford books and equipment.

Swinburne's financial advisers are not financial counsellors but may refer you to one if substantial debt is an issue.

Make an appointment with a financial adviser

To make an appointment, phone or email your campus financial adviser or visit them in person. Appointments are free and usually last between 20 minutes and 60 minutes.

Hawthorn Campus

Student Housing & Financial Adviser
Beth Graham
Student HQ
t: +613 9214 8882
Skype name: housingfinance.hawthorn

Croydon campus

Student Housing & Financial Adviser
Sara Gowan
Room A131
t: +613 9726 1712
Skype name: housingfinance.croydon

Wantirna Campus

Student Housing & Financial Adviser
Glenda Rebeiro
Room WA117
t: +613 9210 1905
Skype name: housingfinance.wantirna