Student surveys

During your time at Swinburne, you will be asked to complete a number of surveys. The surveys are used to measure how we’re doing across different areas and to get suggestions from you on how we can improve. Each survey has a particular focus: from specific units to support services, we want to know your thoughts. 

Giving feedback makes a difference

The feedback you provide can make a difference to your learning experience as well as for future students. Your comments inspire teachers to reflect on their teaching as a whole, not just for one unit.

As an added incentive, we usually have great prizes up for grabs too like a Swinburne hoodie!

Read our feedback tips to help you give us a constructive and detailed survey response.

How is my feedback used?

For surveys relating to units or courses, the feedback is the main input into the Academic Quality Enhancement Process (AQEP). At the end of every semester, each faculty reviews the survey data to identify units and courses to improve. We then allocate resources to support improvement measures. We also monitor how effective these changes have been through follow-up surveys.

For surveys about other areas, the feedback enhances review processes and informs strategic decisions. It directly helps to improve student services and your experience at Swinburne. 


We understand concerns about being identifiable when you give honest feedback. Don’t worry, all of our surveys are completely confidential. There is no way that teachers can access information that could identify you.

Only on very rare occasions, e.g. if a student makes threats regarding themselves or others, will we pass on details to appropriate Swinburne support services.

You can learn more by reading our university privacy statement

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us if you:

  • need help accessing or completing a survey
  • want to provide feedback on a unit or teacher not covered by a survey
  • have any questions about surveys.