What it's like to live on campus

Living in residences at Swinburne means classes are super close and convenient to get to. Even better, it means you'll be part of a community from day one.

Enjoy your independence

In student residences you'll be able to experience the freedom of living out of home in a safe and supportive environment.

It's a fantastic pathway towards independence and easier to manage than a share house. There's just one fee that covers almost all your rent and bills, and we're here to help if you encounter any challenges along the way!

Social and cultural events to suit everyone

Your first year at university can feel overwhelming, but in residence you don't need to worry about making new friends because you'll have the chance to form bonds to last a lifetime.

Our culture is inclusive and fun. With people from all different walks of life living with us, we're proud of how diverse our community is.

We host fun activities throughout the year, with social and cultural events to suit everyone. Some of our most popular events include:

  • Residences Ball
  • Residences music festival
  • food events, including international and food truck festivals
  • Residences art show
  • scavenger hunt
  • theme nights, e.g. casino night, trivia night
  • sporting competitions 
  • movie nights
  • regular barbecues 
  • toga party
  • trips to AFL Games, A-League games and cricket matches
  • charity functions
  • LAN Party (local area network)
  • excursions to sights and experiences. 

Location, location 

Our Hawthorn campus is close to the city, public transport, restaurants, supermarkets and some of the best shopping in Australia. There's no curfew, so you're free to enjoy the best that Melbourne has to offer, right on your doorstep. 

Support when you need it 

We have dedicated support staff during working hours, and duty resident advisers after-hours, who can help with any problems you may experience on campus. 

If you have a problem, or just want someone to talk to, feel free to chat with our on-campus resident advisers. They're like buddies you can go to for help; they also organise events and activities for students in residence. 

If you need further support, you can also contact the residential life coordinator. The residential life coordinator trains the resident adviser team and also implements a range of programs and activities for residents. They're here to ensure the student residences are safe and supportive. 

If you need help with accommodation administrative matters, Swinburne Student Residences professional staff are easy to contact.