Compare your accommodation options

A variety of appealing and affordable accommodation options make for fun, safe and convenient living arrangements during your time at Swinburne. There is a range of housing options at the Hawthorn campus itself, and out in the surrounding suburbs and beyond. 

Accommodation types at a glance

All costs are in Australian dollars per person, per week.

  Living on campus Renting with others Renting on your own Homestay accommodation


Private room in a 1 – 4 room apartment or college

Private room in a shared house or apartment

Your own apartment

Private room with a local family


$250 – $370

$140 – $250

$200 – $450

From $300

Bills included








Y or N


Living on campus

On-campus living affords a great combination of cost effectiveness and convenient access to everything you need as a student. Living on campus offers:

  • secure, safe accommodation
  • closeness to classes and support services
  • access to nearby public transport: trams, trains and buses
  • nearby shops and places to eat
  • social events
  • 10 minutes' travel to central Melbourne
  • most of your bills included (except internet)
  • available for one semester or yearly. 

Renting with others

If you prefer greater independence, a room in a share-house with others may suit you. Sharing a rental can allow you to:

  • make friends
  • live independently
  • share bills and other expenses.

Note, you may also have to pay:

  • a security deposit or bond payment, and
  • to furnish your room.

Renting on your own

Though it is more costly, you can rent your own one-bedroom house or apartment for ultimate privacy. Solo renting lets you live more independently, but you will most likely need to:

  • supply all your own furniture and appliances
  • follow lease restrictions in terms of minimum stays, e.g. six months or one year
  • pay all bills and the bond by yourself.

Homestay accommodation

Homestay is an arrangement in which a student lives with a local host family. The family provides some meals and a private room in their home. A homestay may be particularly suited to you if you're under 18, or an international student seeking:

  • a relaxed family environment
  • opportunities to improve your English skills and experience Australian culture
  • an inclusive weekly cost that covers most bills (phone and internet not included) and two to three meals daily
  • 24/7 support from the Australian Homestay Network, and
  • a stay of longer than 28 days.

Note: There is a one-time, non-refundable booking fee of A$280 payable when you book your homestay.

Accommodation for international students who are under 18 years of age

If you’re an international student and under 18, you will need to live on-campus, in homestay accommodation, or with a relative approved by the Department of Home Affairs.