Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) pays for important student services and amenities such as health and welfare services, financial advice, accommodation assistance, advocacy, sport, cultural and recreational activities. In 2018, approximately $5.6 million went towards these services and the same amount has been allocated for 2019.

It’s important to remember that this funding helps to improve everyone’s student experience at Swinburne. You may use many, or some, of the services and amenities that the fee provides. To get the most out of university life, discover some of the services the SSAF contributes to including:

The federal government states that universities must only use the SSAF funds for specific services. Find out what services the SSAF expenditure may and may not be spent on.

Which students have to pay the SSAF?

All higher education students (online and on-campus) pay the SSAF. This includes all students who are enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and UniLink courses.

Some students are exempt from paying the SSAF. This includes students enrolled in the following courses or programs for 2020:

  • vocational education courses
  • international students in Australia (undergraduate, postgraduate and research)
  • international students living overseas (Swinburne Online international)
  • Astronomy Online
  • Exchange (outbound and inbound)
  • Study Abroad (outbound and inbound)
  • Cross-Institutional (inbound)
  • Open Universities Australia (OUA) – single subject enrolment in a non-award course
  • Online taught by Industry Partner
  • Off-campus taught by Industry Partner
  • Domestic PhD and Masters by Research
  • Recognised Prior Learning (RPL).

How much is the SSAF?

The SSAF differs per student. Your SSAF is a pro rata fee calculated based on your course load, up to a maximum of $308 per year. To find out how much your fee is, see how the SSAF is calculated.

Can I defer payment?

Yes, you may be eligible to defer payment of the SSAF using a government SA-HELP loan.

Have your say on how funding is allocated

Each year, we seek student feedback to help determine how SSAF funding is spent. A consultation process allows students to give feedback into the proposed funding priority areas. The consultation includes:

  • publishing of Proposed Priority Areas on the Swinburne website
  • an online feedback survey about services and funding priorities
  • inviting the Student Representative Council (SRC) and Swinburne Student Union (SSU) to submit fund allocation proposals
  • meetings with democratically elected student representatives of the SRC and the SSU.