Penalties for academic misconduct

Individual assignments

If it appears that there is an irregularity in work you have submitted for assessment you will be asked for an explanation. You may receive an email advising you of this, asking you to attend a meeting with your unit convenor, course coordinator or teacher in the presence of an observer or student advocate. Following this, an investigation may be conducted and a report written. You have the right to support through Swinburne Student Life advocacy and you may request a review of the decision. 

The outcomes of the investigation can include one or more of the following:

  • a caution and/or recommendation to attend an academic skills program
  • reduction of marks for the assessment
  • suspension or exclusion from your course
  • recording of academic misconduct on your student file

Where plagiarism or a breach of academic integrity is found, you will be notified within five working days of the decision.

Possible sanctions for academic misconduct are detailed in the Student Academic Misconduct Regulations 2012. You do have the right to request a review of the decision.

Group Assignments

If it has been confirmed that a student has not contributed equally to a group assignment, the unit convenor/teacher may modify the marks for that student to reflect their individual contribution. If any marks are to be modified, this process will be clearly communicated in advance, together with information that explains how individual marks are calculated.

Cheating in exams

Make sure you are well prepared for your exams and that you arrive early to the right venue. Only bring permitted materials into an exam. Never help anyone in an exam, and do not ask others to sit exams for you. More information is available on exam conduct here.

Penalties for cheating in exams are detailed in the Student Academic Misconduct Regulations 2012.

Personal risk

As well as the university penalties for academic misconduct, there are potential personal consequences, especially when purchasing study notes or assignments (also known as contract cheating). By providing your personal details to on-line organizations that claim to provide study support or assignment writing services, you are putting yourself at risk of identity theft and even blackmail. These services may contact you and threaten to notify the university or your employer unless you pay them an additional ransom.

There have been several cases where ghostwriters (those who provide students with ‘sample assignments’) have directly contacted the university to notify them that students have purchased assignments from them. Avoid putting yourself at risk by using the free support services provided by the university.