Taking time off from study – local students

You can apply for a leave of absence if you want to take time off from study. You can also take time off at the beginning of your course (defer) when you accept your offer.

How to apply

For most students, the easiest way to apply for a leave of absence is online using My Enrolment.

Swinburne usually grants a leave of absence for up to one year. If you want a leave of absence longer than one year, or to extend your current leave of absence, submit a leave of absence application.

For more information about taking time off, download our help guide My Enrolment: How to apply for a Leave of Absence online [PDF 250KB].

Note: Some students don't apply for leave of absence using My Enrolment. Follow the instructions on this page for other ways to apply or get help with enrolling

Apply via My Enrolment

  1. Log in to My Enrolment using your SIMS username (student ID) and password.
  2. Select 'Leave of absence' from the left-hand navigation.
  3. Complete the application and select confirm to submit.

Other ways to apply

The following students don't use My Enrolment to apply for leave of absence.

Vocational education students

If you can’t log into My Enrolment, you need to apply using the leave of absence application.

Open Universities Australia (OUA) students

If you are a postgraduate or full-fee paying OUA student, you can apply for a leave of absence using My Enrolment.

If you are an undergraduate Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) OUA student, you can apply for a leave of absence using My Enrolment or directly with OUA. In both cases, your application will be assessed by Swinburne.

Research students

We encourage you to discuss your plans with your supervisor first. Then submit the leave of absence form online (login required).

Avoiding fees and penalties

Try to get your application for a leave of absence in before the census date. You’ll be liable for fees after this date. If you’re a Higher Education student you will also incur an Academic Penalty (fail) if you take a leave of absence after the academic penalty date.

To check the census date and academic penalty dates for your units, view your current enrolment online in My Enrolment.

Also see key dates for more information about general cut-off dates.

What you need to know

There are some things you need to know if you're applying for a leave of absence.

  • If you're a current student, you must enrol as normal before applying for a leave of absence. A leave of absence is not granted automatically. 
  • We email application outcome notifications to your Swinburne student email address only.
  • You can extend your leave of absence. Make sure you submit your extension for approval before your first leave of absence ends. 
  • Make sure your application is complete. Swinburne will not consider it otherwise. 
  • You must give us a reason when you apply for a leave of absence. Common reasons include illness, financial issues, family, friend or workplace issues or planned work or leisure time abroad.

Checking your application status

  1. log in to My Enrolment using your SIMS username (Student ID) and password
  2. select 'Leave of Absence' from the left-hand navigation
  3. your application status will be displayed underneath the 'Approved' column (including the date when the application was accepted or declined).