Enrolling as a non-Swinburne student

Swinburne welcomes students from other institutions who want to study with us.

Students studying at other Australian institutions are welcome to enrol in individual units with us. They also have the option of switching to Swinburne

Enrolling in individual units

If you're not sure what units Swinburne offers online, have a look at our single unit search. This will indicate available study modes for the units we offer. 

To enrol in individual units, complete the form Application for incoming cross–institutional study/single unit of study.

Make sure that you upload all the documentation we ask for, including a certified passport or visa copy.

If you have any questions about enrolling in individual units, or need help completing the form, contact studentHQ.

Enrolment dates

See key enrolment dates for more information about enrolment cut-off dates for Swinburne units.