What is an experienced assessment pathway?

Get your skills officially recognised and fast-track your way to a nationally recognised qualification.

With an experienced assessment pathway (EAP), you could complete a certificate or diploma in your area of expertise in under three months. Once you’ve met the entry requirements, simply enrol and complete your assessments. No training involved.

Boost your CV, demonstrate your value, and land that promotion.

Key benefits

A nationally recognised qualification
Recognition for existing knowledge and skills
Quick path to completion

Entry requirements

Professionals with recent relevant experience can apply for an experienced assessment pathway as an alternative to Recognition of Prior Learning (and avoid the hassle involved in collating a portfolio of evidence).

To apply, you must meet the following entry requirements:

  1. Have a minimum of two years of recent work experience relevant to the unit/s of competency.
  2. Have the ability to source two employers or supervisors you have worked with in the last two years (may be from a previous employer) to verify skills, knowledge, and tasks completed in the workplace.
  3. Complete a self-assessment to verify you possess the relevant skills and knowledge to undertake the experienced assessment pathway.
  4. Complete a pre-training review to determine if you are eligible and ensure you will be enrolling into a suitable qualification for your experience, skills and knowledge.

What to expect

Once you’ve enrolled in the relevant course, you’ll be ready to start the program.

You’ll be provided with your assessment materials, a timeframe for completing your assessments, and a login to Swinburne’s Learning Management System. Like all Swinburne students, you will also gain access to Library resources and learning support. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to book a complimentary one-on-one guidance session with an assessor.

For those who are part of a workplace training initiative, your online learning group will be made up of colleagues also enrolled in the program. Every week, you’ll be given a set amount of time (during work hours) in which to complete your assessment tasks and each of you will be expected to complete assessments at the same time (this can be negotiated with your supervisor). Collaboration with your colleagues is encouraged, enhancing your professional network and helping you stay connected.

Throughout, you will have access to a dedicated assessor from Swinburne Edge who will be available to answer questions and offer support.

  • Pre-training review and self-assessment interview

    Stage 1

  • Enrol

    Stage 2

  • Complete assessment

    Stage 3

  • Get qualified

    Stage 4

How long will it take?

The experienced assessment pathway does away with the training component of traditional certificates and diplomas and includes only the assessment. This cuts the duration dramatically and enables you to get your qualification sooner.

Units of competency are grouped into ‘clusters’, and it takes approximately four weeks to complete the assessment for one cluster. The number of clusters per qualification ranges from three to seven, so the duration of courses varies from 12 to 28 weeks.

If you need to apply for an extension on any of your assessments, this will increase the duration of your course. Please discuss any queries on duration or timeframe during your pre-training interview.

For information on units and clusters specific to your qualification, please contact Swinburne Edge.

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