Study between semesters, graduate sooner

Are you itching to complete your degree sooner? By studying in Summer and Winter Term you could speed up your course!  

Current students can get ahead with your studies by using the break to keep accruing credit points towards your degree. 

You can select up to two Summer Term and two Winter Term units. Don't forget to check your course planner

If you’re an international student – either currently in Australia or arriving in Australia before the start of Summer or Winter Term – check your course planner to see which units can be undertaken as part of your course. 

Why study during Summer or Winter Term?

Accelerate your studies to fast-track completion.

Catch up on core units or explore units outside your primary area of study.

Balance your unit load with other commitments.

Learn key skills to prepare you for the workforce and get ready to navigate your chosen career path.

Relaunch your study goals and finish what you started.

Your study options

Explore units by study area to get you closer to graduation. All Summer and Winter Term units are worth 12.5 credit points and delivered on campus at Hawthorn, unless otherwise noted.

Am I eligible?

Summer and Winter Terms are available to any student enrolled in a postgraduate qualifications, dependent on unit availability. 

Do I need to have met any prerequisites?

Many of the Summer and Winter Term units do not have prerequisites, which means you can enrol in these if you meet the eligibility criteria. To check prerequisites, click on the individual unit to read the unit information in detail.

How to enrol

To enrol in Summer or Winter Term units, select the Summer or Winter teaching period when you are choosing units

Ready to enrol?

Enrolments open on Tuesday 24 October 2023 for 2024. Head over to our enrolment portal to sign up.

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