To transition the student into the IFR environment at the higher level of competency required to manage a Multi Engine Aircraft.


AVF80009 Multi Engine Aeroplane Instrument Endorsement Additional Practicum


CASA IREX Theory Pass
AVF80001 Private Pilot Licence Practicum
AVF80002 Commercial Pilot Licence Practicum 1
AVF80013 Commercial Pilot Licence Practicum 2

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Learning outcomes

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:

  • Apply the appropriate flight planning principles to Multi Engine flight under the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) considering all legal operational requirements
  • Use radio navigation aids and Global Positioning Systems for en-route navigation
  • Demonstrate proficiency in instrument flying, including well developed instrument scan technique and the ability to fly sector entries, holding patterns and instrument let down procedures
  • Demonstrate Multi Engine day and night circling approaches
  • Demonstrate sound Multi Engine aircraft and engine handling techniques
  • Explain the physiological effects and illusions associated with instrument flying
  • Conduct an IFR flight to the standard required to gain a Multi Engine Rating and Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Command Instrument Rating (Multi-Engine Aeroplane)

Teaching methods


Type Hours per week Number of weeks Total (number of hours)
Face to Face Contact (Phasing out)
0.67 12 weeks 8


Type Task Weighting ULO's
Practical ExaminationIndividual 100% 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 


As the minimum requirements of assessment to pass a unit and meet all ULOs to a minimum standard, an undergraduate student must have achieved:

Note it is a CASA requirement that the student have successfully passed the CASA IREX theory examination prior to undertaking the flight test, which forms the practical examination for this unit.


2 hours of ground theory to revise the key principles of Multi Engine Instrument Flight Rules operations followed by 2 x 1.5 hours of dual flight instruction which requires 1.5 hours of briefing and debriefing for each flight

Study resources

Reading materials

A list of reading materials and/or required textbooks will be available in the Unit Outline on Canvas.