Work placements and internships

Invite a student to undertake a short or long-term placement in your organisation.

Work placement options

Professional Placements

Full-time placements of 6 or 12-month duration. Aside from being a valuable learning opportunity for students, placements offer you a great way to get support for long-term projects, give busy staff members extra support, or to help your organisation during high activity and growth.

Professional Internships

Part-time, typically unpaid placements (around two days per week) for 12 weeks. They are an ideal way to tackle a short-term project, giving you additional support and skills for a fixed-term duration. Professional internships may also be offered in intensive mode (e.g. full-time) during semester breaks.

Masters ICT Internships

Part-time, unpaid placements (two days per week) for 12 weeks. Masters ICT internships are currently available for students undertaking masters courses in information technology or information systems. They are an ideal way to tackle a short-term project that is closely aligned with a student's study area. Masters ICT internships are offered over a semester (24 days total) and commence during the first week of a semester. 

Contact us

The Professional Placements team will explain the process and consult with you to find an appropriate pool of candidates to select for interview. We also offer support for hosting students with disabilities.

We work hard to ensure the best match for the student and the organisation. You review the resumes and conduct the interviews – the choice of student is yours.

Professional placements at Melbourne Water