City of Yarra testimonial transcript


ALEX: My name is Alex and I'm undertaking a professional placement at the City of Yarra. I decided to do a professional placement in order to gain some practical engineering experience. I realised that it's something a new employer looks for, so I thought I'd make the most of it while I'm still studying at university. The placement helps because it provides a little context to the subjects that I still have to do, and it's made me realise how the skills that we learn at university can be applied in a real world context. 

PETER MORAN: The students have definitely brought new ideas and new approaches to the team. There's a good working relationship or a partnership and affiliation with the university. You can do recruitment pathway. And really it's an opportunity to allow existing staff to develop through the interaction with the students.

IRAISH: Placement's gone a long way to getting me a full time job. I feel a lot more confident, a lot more career ready. I've gained a lot of contacts throughout the year. The main difference between my current role and my placement role is that I've been given more responsibility. As the year progressed, I've been given my own small projects to manage from start to finish.

PETER MORAN: Alex and Iraish have both been very diligent and enthusiastic from they first started. We've really noticed how they've matured and just gained a real confidence in their ability. Also a greater understanding of their strengths. 

IRAISH: The best experience, I'd say, would be being able to shadow experienced engineers on site, seeing how things are done in the real world. The experience has been absolutely invaluable. 

ALEX: I would definitely recommend students take a professional placement, because there's a lot of skills that you'll learn that just can't be taught at university. And it's something that employers will value when you graduate.