Staff profile

Mark Soar

Mark Soar

Swinburne Professional facilitator

Mark has a diverse background in WHS consulting and is an experienced WHS facilitator. He is passionate about promoting and delivering training to professionals and works effectively with employees from all backgrounds and industries to improve safety culture and safe work practices.

Mark specialises in creating opportunities to identify and explore improvement potential that assist individuals and organisations to achieve best practice industry benchmarks. With a diverse client portfolio, Mark’s consultancy and professional coaching services empower both individuals and businesses alike, to achieve work practices that meet industry demands and legislative requirements, while ensuring effective resource management and sustainability. 

Specialised Skills

  • Customised Course Design and Educational Resource Development
  • WHS Management System Development 
  • WHS Management System Auditing Services 
  • Emergency Planning and Procedural Development 
  • WHS Legislative Compliance 
  • WHS Risk Assessment and Corrective Action Management 
  • Workplace Incident Investigation