Transition to campus

Before attending campus

Help keep Swinburne COVDSafe by following Victorian Government directives and our on-campus guidelines. Students and staff should only attend campus if it is essential. Our top priorities for our staged transition to campus are:

  • Teaching activities that cannot be effectively conducted remotely, including essential practical and laboratory classes
  • Essential (or category 1) research
  • Essential student facilities, such as study spaces 

Plans for different learning activities are outlined below:


Type of learning activity Transition plan


Learning activities that are a course requirement that cannot be replaced by an online, simulated or alternative learning experience (e.g. activities that use specialist equipment that are not available remotely) These will be delivered on-campus and during Semester 2 as soon as possible


Learning activities or timetabled events that usually require physical attendance on campus, however, may be simulated using online approaches as a short-term alternative (e.g. engineering and science laboratory classes These will be delivered on-campus from Semester 2 where possible


Small group learning activities or timetabled events that do not require specific teaching facilities that can be effectively replaced with online approaches (e.g. tutorials, seminars, workshops) Some learning activities will be selected using strategic requirements


Large group learning events or assessment activities that cannot be safely delivered in accordance with physical distancing requirements These will not be delivered on-campus in 2020


Students are only to come onto campus if it is essential for them to do so, such as attending class. Online learning and assessment approaches will continue to be the primary delivery mode for the majority of units and teaching activities for the remainder of 2020. However, we will safely transition some specific learning activities to campus to ensure students can continue to progress in their studies.

Visit the unit information page for a list of units with an on-campus component and a list of units that are not offered between July and December 2020.

Visit the COVID-19 hub for student related FAQs.

HDR students undertaking essential (category 1) research are able to access campus, please refer to the research intranet for the definition of essential research and processes for gaining approval.


Staff should continue to work from home if they are able to do so. This is a requirement under current Victorian Government public health and university directions. We expect most staff will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. 

Staff who are required to be on campus for essential activities must seek Executive Member approval by following the process outlined on the transition to campus wiki.

For teaching staff: Only those staff members who are teaching units that have approved Teaching Transition Plans for on-campus delivery or staff involved in essential student-facing services should come onto campus. For staff seeking to transition to campus please refer to the wiki.

For research staff: Staff undertaking essential (cateogry 1) research are able to access campus, please refer to the research intranet for the definition of essential research and processes for gaining approval.

On-campus protocols

If you have to be on campus, please ensure the health and safety of our community by reading our protocols to understand cleaning, safety and physical distancing requirements.‌


The following roadmap outlines Swinburne’s staged approach to our transition to campus.