Supply Chain Innovation

This is your opportunity to grow and sustain business by innovating next-generation supply chains. With the Internet of Things and Amazon delivery drones on the cusp of becoming an everyday part of life, organisations are under pressure to innovate their logistics solutions and change the way they make, move, store and pay for future products and services. All this while still aligning with suppliers and manufacturers to deliver seamless experiences to customers globally.

When you undertake a Master of Supply Chain Innovation, you’ll learn to strategically maximise efficiency by including emerging technologies in your toolkit, along with design thinking, lean management and a strong grasp of business analytics. Postgraduate study will give you the advanced skills to optimise logistics and provide cost savings to your business and time savings to your customers.

This postgraduate course is also embedded with industry credentials. If you complete the Supply Chain Management unit, you are eligible for the GS1 Academic Certificate. On top of that, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is part of your Essentials block of modules. That’s an edge you’ll have over others with similar ambitions.

Who you are

You are an early career professional or mid-level executive wanting to advance into a senior role where you will be driving business change and designing supply chains others haven’t imagined yet.

Where it can take you

With your postgraduate qualification and advanced knowledge and skills, you could lead your organisation in optimising or innovating supply chain performance in manufacturing, transport, retail, energy, agriculture, defence… the list goes on.

Courses Available

Graduate Certificate of Supply Chain Innovation
Master of Supply Chain Innovation
Master of Supply Chain Innovation (Advanced)


Unit Partners

Design your postgraduate program

Leigh’s business, eStore Logistics, fulfils up to 30,000 orders a day for Australia’s largest online retailers. In the last 12 months, he has saved clients on average 82% in freight costs, maintained 99.99997% order accuracy and dispatched 100% of orders within 24 hours. Reducing seconds from a stock handling process is what gets him excited every day.

Leigh Williams, course advisory committee member, founder of eStoreLogistics and Swinburne alumni.

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