Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Learn to successfully launch and scale a business idea, navigate rapid change and capitalise on growth. Zero in on opportunities for market entry and develop exceptional project management skills to effectively address the full life cycle of a business, its products and services.

You’ll gain the skills needed to turn your creativity into a tangible business opportunity through projects that are specifically relevant to your work.

The Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is delivered in collaboration with the International Institute of Entrepreneurship at Pitcher Partners, known nationally for its strategic insight and advisory services focusing on mid-sized enterprises.

Who you are

You may already have a business you’re looking to grow, or the seed of an idea you’re raring to launch. You could also be an intrapreneur who wants to lead innovative thinking within the organisation you work for, whether that’s public, private or non-profit. Either way, you have a burning need to forge a path of your own and you’re ready to learn how to do it.

Where it can take you

You will have the specialist edge you need to instigate, lead and manage innovation in any environment you find yourself in. With your actionable knowledge and skills, you could develop new enterprises or take on senior managerial roles within other organisations.

Courses Available

Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Advanced)
Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Professional)
Master of Business Administration (Executive) / Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Industry Partner

Design your postgraduate program

Not one to shy from risk, Simon quit his corporate job with a wish to start his own business. He signed up at the AGSE to learn how. Two months into the program, he created RefLIVE, a smartwatch app for soccer referees. In 2016, it debuted at a FIFA international match. Today, it is used in over 80 countries.

Simon Murphy, founder and CEO of RefLIVE, AGSE Entrepreneurship and Innovation graduate, class of 2015.

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