Tutoring: Information for students

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Swinburne can apply to work with qualified tutors to assist with their studies as part of the Indigenous Academic Success Program.

Eligible students receive two (2) hours’ tuition per unit of study per week. Additional tuition for exam preparation is also provided.

The availability of tuition is based on funding and need. The program is provided free to eligible students. Students are required to IASP Tutor and Student Log to keep accessing the service.


All Indigenous students enrolled at Swinburne (including Swinburne Online) are encouraged to apply for the Indigenous Academic Success Program.

To be eligible, you must be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person and:

  • be enrolled in a formal course of study leading to a certificate, diploma, degree or other qualification at Swinburne University of Technology or Swinburne Online; or
  • have accepted an offer for enrolment in a course that commences within one month of lodging an application for assistance.

Note: Priority is given to undergraduate (bachelor degree) students. 

Conditions of participation

Students who participate in the Indigenous Academic Success Program are expected to conduct themselves in an honest and responsible manner. This includes:

  • respecting tutorial session arrangements and notifying tutors if a session needs to be changed or cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the agreed time.
  • signing a completed claim form IASP Tutor and Student Log with their tutor at the end of each session – students should never sign a blank claim form.
  • completing an assessment report for your tutor/s at the end of the semester.

How to apply

To apply for tuition through the Indigenous Academic Success Program, email your completed application form to indigenousstudents@swin.edu.au.

Students are encouraged to apply before the beginning of each semester. Late applications will also be accepted.

Staff from the Moondani Toombadool Centre will work to pair you with a suitable tutor for each of your nominated units of study. You will receive an email with your tutor’s details so that you can contact them directly to organise tutoring sessions.

Note: Tutoring cannot begin without written permission from the Moondani Toombadool Centre each semester, regardless of whether you have already worked with a tutor in a previous semester.