Social media community guidelines

These Community Guidelines apply to Swinburne’s official social media channels which are owned and operated by the university’s social media team. When engaging with these channels we ask you to keep in mind the following points:

  • Treat other people online with respect, courtesy and kindness. Support and encourage others and be helpful. There’s a human on the other end of the keyboard.
  • Listen and learn. We all come from different perspectives and we need different views and experiences to build a strong community.
  • Stay calm. If a comment online gets you upset, consider logging off for a while. Language which is threatening, abusive, discriminatory, contains profanity or is factually incorrect will be removed.
  • Don’t engage in troll-like behaviour. Starting conversations or messages which are irrelevant or designed to antagonise will be removed.
  • Spam, link-baiting, advertising or accounts which are ‘fake’ or aim to impersonate others will be removed.
  • Don’t get personal. Posting personally identifiable information such as phone numbers or email addresses will be removed. Content which is designed to embarrass another person without their consent will also be removed.
  • Any content posted which encourages illegal behaviour or links to content which may be illegal will be removed. This includes posting or linking to content which violates copyright.
  • We also encourage all community members to be aware of and follow the Terms of Use of the social networks they are using.

The social media team reserves the right to remove any post without notification and block any users when deemed to be acting in breach of our Community Guidelines.

In all instances of using social media, whether it be on Swinburne’s channels or personal channels, students and staff are expected to abide by Swinburne’s Social Media Guidelines and People, Culture and Integrity policy.