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Your ceremony

This is the day you graduate from your course! The following order of events will occur on the day of your graduation ceremony:

Arrival and registration

To ensure that you have a stress-free experience, arrive early and register at the time noted on your graduation letter.

You need to register your attendance at the ceremony with the Graduation department. Remember to bring your photo identification. A seat card will be given to you. It is important you keep it as helps you when lining up in processional order for the ceremony.

Registration closes one hour before the ceremony – don't be late!


Our helpful staff will dress you in your graduation gown according to your qualification. Ensure you book your graduation gown beforehand!


To capture this important milestone there will be official photographers present before and after the ceremony. There are options for individual and group photos. To avoid the queues, arrive early and have your photo taken before the ceremony.

Swinburne's official photographers for graduation ceremonies are GFP Photography

Graduate access to Plenary

One hour before the ceremony you need to go to the lower entrance to the Plenary and take your seat.

Guests take their seat

Guests are admitted to the Plenary one hour prior to the commencement of the ceremony.

MC starts the ceremony by making a short speech

The MC will welcome the Presiding Officer, Official party, academics, graduands and guests to the ceremony.

Academic procession

The Official party, mace bearer and academic party will enter once all graduands have arrived at their seat.

Graduates presented on stage

The Presiding Officer will give a series of short speeches, welcoming guests and congratulating graduates.

Each graduate will be presented on stage to the Presiding Officer. Don't be nervous, take advantage of this moment and enjoy walking across the stage. Smile and get a great photo with the Presiding Officer.

What you should do when presented on stage:

  • Wait at the top step until your name is called
  • Walk to centre stage and accept your award from Presiding Officer
  • Have your photo taken on stage by our photographer
  • Leave the stage with your award

Your family and friends will feel very proud of your achievement!

Student Speech

Once the presentation of awards has concluded a graduate from the ceremony will speak on behalf of the graduating class.


The ceremony will end with the departure of the Official, academic and graduate procession.

Congratulations, you have officially graduated!


Light refreshments will be served immediately after the ceremony.

After the ceremony

After the ceremony, you will need to return your gown to the gowning room.

You may wish to continue celebrating your graduation after the ceremony.

There are a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants near the venue at Southgate, South Wharf and Crown Casino. For information on where you can go for dinner or refreshments:

See yourself graduate!

Previous ceremonies as well as your own are viewable online: