Craig Hudson's management and business qualifications were the key to landing him his first managerial position.

Craig completed his schooling in the UK and chose to pursue a career in field service. As an 18-year-old he started in a role as a photocopier technician before becoming a fax specialist, with all his learning being on the job. Craig later became a senior technician and then a team leader.

Craig - Diploma of Management

Moving to Australia five years ago, he had ambitions to further progress his career in management. He applied for a more senior role as a service manager but was unsuccessful because he did not have the required qualifications. 

“I now realise that I was not ready for the step-up back then. I enrolled in the Diploma of Management (now Diploma of Leadership and Management) at Swinburne. Initially, I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t fit in, as I had learnt my trade hands-on and wouldn't have described myself as an academic. But I quickly found that I was surrounded by like-minded people who all wanted to be there to improve their career opportunities.”

  • "Managing conflict and emotions in the workplace can be tricky, but I now have the skills to both manage and lead well."

    Craig Hudson , Double Diploma in Management and Business

He also found the networking great, with the added value of having participants from different ages and backgrounds. The group shared similar work problems and the different perspectives allowed new points of view.

Halfway through the course, Craig wanted more and enrolled in the double diploma, adding the Diploma of Business to his management studies.

After completing the diploma, Craig applied for a service manager role at a rival company, was successful in landing the job, and now has the skills and ‘smarts’ to do it well. 

“Managing conflict and emotions in the workplace can be tricky, but I now have the skills to both manage and lead well.”

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