Vocational Education

  • What is a certificate?

    What is a certificate?

    A vocational education certificate from TAFE is great for accessing hands-on, practical work in areas that require more than just basic or entry-level knowledge.

  • What is a diploma?

    What is a diploma?

    Diplomas are designed to give you the practical skills and technical expertise to enter the workforce or prepare you for further study.

  • What is a pre-apprenticeship course?

    What is a pre-apprenticeship course?

    A pre-apprenticeship equips you with the basic skills employers will be looking for when hiring apprentices.

  • What is an apprenticeship?

    What is an apprenticeship?

    An apprenticeship gives you on-the-job training while you learn a trade, earn money, and complete your qualification. 


  • What is a traineeship?

    What is a traineeship?

    A traineeship provides on-the-job training for non-trade professions. You’ll earn money and get your qualification at the same time. 


  • What is a trades short course?

    What is a trades short course?

    A trades short course can prepare you for a trade exam or simply teach you a new skill. 


  • What is a bachelor degree?

    What is a bachelor degree?

    Often the first experience at university for people leaving school, a bachelor degree provides you with the theory and knowledge to begin a professional career.

  • What is a double degree?

    What is a double degree?

    Studying a double degree will allow you to study two areas at once and shows a higher level of expertise to future employers

  • What is an associate degree?

    What is an associate degree?

    Our associate degrees are two-year tertiary qualifications that will prepare you for a career as a paraprofessional or highly-skilled worker, or for further study in your field.


  • What is a master degree?

    What is a master degree?

    Master degrees are the next step after a bachelor’s degree, designed to extend your  expertise in a particular field and prepare you for the next step in your career.


  • What is a PhD?

    What is a PhD?

    A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is focused around a significant, original piece of research that demonstrates a critical knowledge and understanding of a particular research area.

More options

Single units of study

Single units of study let you try out an interesting subject or complete a requirement for a future course, without having to do an entire degree.

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Short Courses

Short courses are great for learning a new skill for professional development, or just for fun. Taught by industry experts, choose from a huge range of study options in topics such as design, media, the arts, business or IT.

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