Pay your deposit

When you accept your offer to study at Swinburne, you must pay a deposit.

The deposit is listed on your Letter of Offer. Usually it includes a payment towards your tuition fee and the fee for Overseas Student Health Cover.

If you are a sponsored student who receives financial assistance from a government, organisation or company, you are not required to pay a deposit.

Payment options

There are three ways to pay your deposit. You can pay by secure online payment, by bank cheque in Australian dollars or by wire remittance.

1. Secure online payment

Swinburne accepts credit card payments (Visa or MasterCard) and telegraphic transfers as well as many online payment options such as UnionPay and AliPay through Western Union Business Solutions.

Telegraphic transfers made via other organisations cannot be accepted.

5 Reasons to use Western Union Business Solutions payment portal

  1. It’s easy to use and you can make your payment faster and receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) sooner.
  2. Save money by choosing a telegraphic transfer from your bank. There are no transfer charges from Western Union Business Solutions for this type of payment.
  3. You can use your own currency and still be sure that your full payment amount will be made in Australian dollars
  4. Once you make the payment, the exchange rate is locked for 72 hours, making sure that the full amount is paid.
  5. You get peace of mind, knowing that your payment will arrive in full, on time, without any extra charges or delays.

After completing your payment, you must provide the following documents to Swinburne when you submit your Offer Acceptance Form:

  • a copy of the Western Union online receipt  (credit card payments)
  • bank receipt (telegraphic transfer payments)
  • a copy of Western Union’s confirmation email (telegraphic transfer payments).

Help making a payment

Easy payment options for international students

Watch these video instructions for more information about making a payment through Western Union.


2. Pay by bank cheque

Swinburne accepts payment by bank cheque issued in Australian dollars and payable at an Australian bank. All bank cheques must be made out to ‘Swinburne University of Technology’.

Please ensure that you specify details of your payment on the bank cheque, such as tuition fee deposit, health cover, tuition fees, etc.

Note that Swinburne does not accept bank drafts as payment.

3. Wire remittance

This method of payment takes longer to process and is not recommended if you require urgent visa documentation. Please ensure you clearly indicate your family name, given name and Swinburne student ID number on your wire remittance receipt. You must attach a copy of your receipt to this form and return it to Swinburne to enable us to identify your payment in our bank account.

All bank charges for this remittance will be your responsibility.

Confirmation of enrolment

Once you have accepted your offer and paid your deposit, Swinburne will provide you with your Confirmation of Enrolment.