Mechanical Engineering

Designing devices that move begins with understanding the physics of forces.

We believe mechanical engineering is crucial to the technology that supports our everyday lives. That’s why we offer mechanical engineering courses at Swinburne.

Mechanical engineering courses are an opportunity to explore the design of technologies involving physical motion. You’ll uncover how mechanical engineers use the physics of forces and heat, fluid, and energy flow combined with the study of advanced materials to design systems. These designs include renewable energy, medical implant and vehicle safety devices, and much more. It’s our way of providing you with foundational knowledge of this field. With a specialisation in mechanical engineering you’ll gain the scientific and project management expertise you need to design mechanical products and systems or manage teams within a range of industries.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and skills to apply your knowledge to the workplace. Future careers can be found in energy, medical and transport industries, and many more.

Mechanical Engineering at Swinburne

Mechanical engineering degrees are an opportunity to explore the design of technology with physical motion.  Join Team Swinburne as they go beyond the classroom and design build and test an electric race care.  Hear from staff and students about opportunities to work with industry and apply what you’ve learned.

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Shashank Arora (right) with his PhD co-supervisor Associate Professor Weixiang Shen

Student experience


PhD candidate Shashank Arora wins 2017 Sir George Julius medal for paper reviewing safety risks in electric vehicle battery packaging design.

The Swinburne Advantage

We turn knowing into know-how.

We believe an undergraduate education must be about more than knowledge. In today’s competitive job market, it must be about true job readiness.

Work Integrated Learning is a key part of the Swinburne Advantage. It’s just a matter of choosing the opportunity that suits your future.

Choose from professional degrees, professional placements, professional internships, industry-linked projects, industry study tours and accreditation placements. There are also a range of other opportunities you can create.

You’ll build invaluable skills and confidence in knowing you have what it takes to land a job in your field by graduation.

We think it’s an approach that makes the adventure worth taking.

Find out more about Swinburne's Microfabrication Facility.

Discover Swinburne's Microfabrication Facility

This state-of-the-art facility enables researchers, teachers and local industry in areas of engineering and applied science to work with micrometre accuracy.

Mechanical engineering courses

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