Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

ENT30012 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn


  • One Semester or equivalent
    This unit will be delivered on-line in Semester 2 2020. 

Contact hours

  • 36 hours


200 Credit Points



Aims and objectives

This unit of study is to help students develop a better understanding of the role of the social enterprise and social innovation in creating business opportunities within a sustainable society. The unit explores how social entrepreneurs apply lean start up entrepreneurship focus on innovation, risk taking and large scale transformation to social problem solving with the potential to generate rapid and sustained social impact. Besides learning about theory and practice of social entrepreneurs, Corporate Social Responsibility and social innovation, students will engage in active learning by applying practical (online) interactive tools for starting a social venture.

Students who successfully complete this unit, will be able to:
1 Apply the principles of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in relation to sustainability in a range of contexts.
2 Generate and communicate creative solutions in order to achieve product-market fit and find an efficient business model.
3 Work collaboratively in diverse groups in order to articulate a line of reasoning demonstrating cultural/social sensitivity and a framework for ethical reasoning.
4 Exercise intellectual independence to be critical and reflective learners.

Courses with unit

This is a unit of study in the Bachelor of Business suite of courses.