Graphic Narratives: Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga

LIT30002 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn Available to incoming Study Abroad and Exchange students


  • One Semester or equivalent
    This unit will be delivered on-line in Semester 2 2020 

Contact hours

  • 34 Hours

2020 teaching periods


Higher Ed. Semester 2

3 Aug 20 - 1 Nov 20

8 Dec 20

Last self enrolment:
16 Aug 20

31 Aug 20

Aims and objectives

This unit introduces students to graphic narratives, focusing on familiar examples such as comic books, graphic novels, and Manga. It will look at this art form in its many formats and applications, and provide students with an opportunity to create graphic narratives. It will examine comic book language and how comic book idioms have been remediated as part of the universal language of convergence culture. This unit’s focus on graphic narratives will provide students with the historical perspective and textual analysis skills necessary to navigate today’s media landscape, and anticipate those of tomorrow. 

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:
1. Demonstrate critical understanding of theoretical and creative approaches to graphic narratives.
2. Synthesise complex ideas using graphic communications techniques and by creating graphic narratives.
3. Analyse canonical and popular examples of graphic narratives.

Courses with unit

BA-ARTS3 Bachelor of Arts
BA-ARTS3PROF Bachelor of Arts (Professional)
BB-ARTBUS1 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business
BB-ARTSC Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
BB-LAWART Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Arts
BA-MCMN Bachelor of Media and Communication
BB-HSCMCMN Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Media and Communication
BB-LAWMCMN* Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Media and Communication
BA-MCMPROF Bachelor of Media and Communication (Professional)